Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Since 2004, Aeration Boy has provided professional aeration and overseeding services in the greater Detroit, MI area. For a thriving, green lawn all season long, request a quote today for our professional lawn services.

Core Aeration Creates Healthy Lawns

Lawn aeration and overseeding can provide you with a beautiful, flourishing lawn. We use a core aeration process that makes your lawn bright and green, and also strengthens the entire root system. Core aeration works by pulling out a plug/core from the ground, allowing oxygen and water to infiltrate deep into the soil. Within 10 – 14 days, the soil is ready to absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Overseeding for Optimal Results

Overseeding works by planting grass seed directly into the existing turf. For optimal results, the best time to overseed is in the Fall. It improves the health of your lawn in these ways:

Fills in ugly bare spots
Increases the thickness of the grass
Enhances the grass color

Why Choose Aeration Boy?

Professional Lawn Aeration Services
  • Top-of-the-line riding Stinger Aerator machine
  • Local seeding company, Rhino Seed, for all overseeding
  • Owner-operated with a personal touch
  • Low prices with no surprise increases

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Professional & Healthy Lawn Services

Request a quote today for our exceptional aeration and overseeding services. We serve the greater Detroit, Michigan area including Plymouth, Rochester Hills, and Lake Orion.

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